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August 2, 2017


Morning all.


I am Jess, the owner of The Hiding Place. Nice to meet you all and welcome to the page. 


I want to mention this topic as it comes up so often in conversations, social media etc, 'So, what do you do?'


I am keen to hear your responses to this, but before you do, lets think about it. Go grab a cuppa, a pen and paper and meet me back here in 5 minutes. 


Are you ready? 


'What do you do?'.


Hmmm...Here goes.   My day starts at 06:30am (I only ever used to get up this early when I was in the Army-at which point i was over 10 years younger than I am now). I feed both kids and the dog and then myself. Dress the kids and myself.  Load up the car with orders, children, pram, lunch bag, change bag for the baby and then complete the school run (usually in the rain I may add). Post office run next (consists of lugging a huge bag full of parcels in one arm, baby in car seat in the other, purse in my teeth and balancing a small parcel, the rebel of the bunch on the baby too). The house chores commence. Hoovering is a must in our house every day as we have a very fluffy labrador. General tidying, washing, cooking food for lunch and dinner (as otherwise i forget to eat). This is all whilst entertaining and feeding the 5 month old. Walk the dog, easier to do this with just the baby rather then the two kids later on). If there is anytime here, I try to workout (if someone is free to have the baby that is) or I get stuck into a job that I have set myself for the day, this could be to sort out a cupboard, paint a wall, cut the lawns, network on social media for work or fit in the food shop. Then there it is again, the school run. Entertain the kids again and sort out uniform and lunch box for the next day. Get the kids, dog and myself fed. Bath time for the two kids, and one is too big for a bath now apparently, so this happened separately in our house now, so shower the 5 year old and then bath the 5 month old, Bedtime reading for the big little person. Then Pjs on for mummy- Yes it is only 7.30pm, rock and roll I know. Then feed the littlest person whilst working on my website, printing off orders, replying to messages for the business, making a list for next day, placing orders for stock, post on instagram etc. Up to bed for me and the little one, this is usually no later than 9pm. I give the baby her last feed whilst having my sacred hour of netflix, this is my favourite part of the day, sshhhh do not tell the kids that. Bedtime for bambino. Shower (if i can be bothered by this point) and bed for myself by 10-10;30pm.


Thats my day and what I do most days, but trying to put that into a few simple words is tough. 


Now read through your list again. In my list we have, a full time mummy, a human alarm clock, a chef, a clothes changer ( hahaha), a postwoman, delivery driver, a cleaner, a dog walker, a childminder, an entertainer, a gym goer, a DIYer, a teacher (when it comes to homework, reading and the millions worlds questions the 5 year old comes out with every day), a business women (social media, accounts, photographer, packer, marketing, stock choosing). 


That list is huge, so which one is the one you go with? usually I say, I am a full time mum. This is my go to answer, as its the easiest to say and brings the least amount of questions. I usually get the eye roll from most or the 'you are so lucky to be able to do that' comment. Well the truth is, yes I am lucky to be able to spend time in our home and never have to miss the kids schools plays or have to worry about who is picking the kids up from school etc. Its rewarding but its bloody hard work too.  I did less work than this when I worked full time in the Army.


I would not change my life, as it suits us as a family and I love it, but sometimes its nice to remember than I much more than just 'A MUM'. I do all the above, day in day out with little complaints and little thanks but that because I am a #MUMBOSS!!! To all you mums who run the household aswell as a business, you rock and sending all my love to each and every one of you, you are all my heroes x x x 




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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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